How to install Mobile Partner (HSDPA)

First of all plug the HSPA Device to your PC or Laptop.

After plug, its run automatically or you have to go My Computer and here you can see green color icon like.

Then Right Click here and select Install or run program

It ask security quotation (Whether you have to install this program or not) This is only come with the Windows Vista.

From here you have click Allow.

It automatically start Installation…….

click Next >

Then it ask about the software agreement

Click I Agree

Choose Install Location

Click Next >

Choose Start Menu Folder

Click Install

Installing Process will takes few seconds……..

Click Finish

After Installing device please restart your PC.

After you restart your PC.

Double Click the mobile partner icon on your desktop.

After opening Mobile partner make sure your device signal, if signal bars not indicate in here that mean your device not install properly.

After glance click connect button

If your connection working well it show like this.

How to make profile ?

Click tools > Options > Profile Management > click new >

Profile name = ISP name

APN = Select static

APN = dialogbb

Make sure Access no is *99#

Click save.


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